Monday, 23 August 2010

Qcat overhauled

The Qcat—the catalogue of compositions—has now been radically rationalised, tidied up and documented. In particular, the naming conventions for the designations (the prose equivalents of the Q-numbers) have been standardised.

If your project uses the Qcat, you may find that you will need to revise your project's Q designations accordingly. If you use a Filemaker database or similar for your catalogue, I can send you a list of new designations to import, overwriting the old ones. Just email me.

If and when your project needs new Q-numbers, send me a list of your proposed designations and other relevant fields (as per the documentation); or ask me for a clone of the Filemaker Qcat database, to fill in and email back to me.

If you ever notice mistakes, duplicates or omissions in the Qcat, or have any questions about it, please email me about that too.


  1. Having played with the searching facility of the glossary, I think it may be useful to tell that when a name begins with a shin, then you have to type "SZ" but not" Sz". Typing "Szulgir" results nothing, only "SZulgir" will show his occurrences.

  2. Good point! I've updated the documentation page.