Sunday, 4 July 2010

Directory names have changed!

If you are struggling to do project management through emacs, it may be because you are still using the old (CDL) directory names. For instance:
  • old sources/ is now 00atf/
  • old lib/ is now 00lib/
  • old cat/ is now 00cat/
  • old websources/ is now 00web/
  • old backups/ is now 00bak/
See Project Management through Emacs for step-by-step instructions and Project Files for a more systematic overview.

As always, do ask for help if you need it, but I may not be as speedily responsive as usual over the next few days (up to and including Wednesday), as I'll be doing tablet work in Berlin. I will have broadband access in the hotel though, so I'll be checking in at least twice a day.

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