Tuesday, 13 July 2010

A note about configuration options

Looking over the posts on the blog and a few e-mails I realized that some comments about the configuration file might be helpful.

The configuration system is in flux and has grown rapidly and organically, particularly over the last nine months. Oracc software can access the configuration file, config.xml, via several interfaces, and some of the programs ignore options that don´t apply to them while others complain about misunderstood or illegal options.

In general, if you see an error message about a configuration option, just check that you haven´t mistyped an option or value name. Otherwise, leave suspicious options in the config.xml because some program or other may be secretly using them.

If you change 00lib/config.xml you need to use at least:

oracc config

To update the installed version. You may need to do:

oracc web

Or even:

oracc rebuild

Before you see the effects of your changes.

After the remaining to-do list items are dealt with, the configuration system will get a complete review. Some things that cannot be configured in config.xml will be added (like the buttons SAAo uses); others will be documented; others will be rationalized as there are a few places where multiple options do very similar things.

I am also hoping (expecting, even) to create a web interface with an easy form for managing config.xml that has the documentation built in to it and drop-downs with the valid option values etc.

So, this pain with config.xml is transient. I am expecting to have the new configuration system in place by the end of September.

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