Saturday, 23 June 2012

Analytics for Oracc 2 projects

(For Oracc project managers)

For Oracc 2, we have replaced Piwik as our user analytics software with Google Analytics (GA). There is just one Oracc account to which all project managers have access. You will still be able to see your own project's access data, but also all the other projects' and the whole of Oracc too, which we hope will be useful, for instance when writing grant applications and reports.

If you already have a Google account I have already registered you on Oracc's GA account. If you haven't (or I couldn't find it) I have already emailed you about this. If you think you should be on Oracc's GA account but can't get access and haven't had me email, then please contact me directly.

Go to Google Analytics and sign in with your Google account details to see the Oracc data, which is already being collected. You should find it quite intuitive to use but I know there's a huge amount of stuff in there.

So in particular, to find your own project's data, choose Standard Reporting from the orange bar at the top. Then in the left-hand menu go to Content, then Site Content, then Content Drilldown and look for your project abbreviation.

There's lots more to discover in GA. The inbuilt help (at the bottom of the left-hand menu) is very good and, as always, do ask me for assistance if you need it. (I've been using GA for Knowledge and Power for five years now, so know my way around quite well.)

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