Saturday, 9 June 2012

Browser support in Oracc 2

Much of the development on Oracc2 over the last day or so has been porting projects to the new infrastructure and fixing some bugs in the lemmatizer. One change visible to web users, though, is that browser support has been improved.

O2 now has support for Safari, Chrome and Opera, in addition to FireFox. This support is not extensively tested, but basic functionality seems good. Of the three, Opera support is initially less robust than the two webkit-based browsers (Safari/Chrome).

It is possible that O2 will not support officially support Internet Explorer, which has a way of always requiring extra work to make basic things function. I hope that between FireFox, Safari and Chrome, with a possible option on Opera, people will have enough choice to be able to enjoy using Oracc.


  1. I don't use Oracc 2 in my browser till now but kinda interested to use it in my chrome browser. Thanks a lot pal! @ it support London