Saturday, 9 June 2012

New documentation

As the new-look Oracc comes onstream, you will find that it looks a little bit different, and that you can do a lot more with the texts than before. In particular, Steve has dramatically improved the search functionality. People making projects and corpora on Oracc will also, we hope, notice several significant improvements.

I have updated the online help pages for Oracc website users and for project creators. Please take the time to read the pages are most relevant to you, as they will help you get a great deal more out of Oracc. If you have any questions or problems, or can't find what you're looking for, please leave a comment here for me.

Links to help from the Oracc homepage will be reinstated shortly. What you see at the moment is just temporary, while the upgrade is in progress. Meanwhile they are here on the right.

For all Oracc website users

You can also access this page from the Help button at the top of all Oracc corpus pages.

Note that this is a different URL to the old help pages, which I haven't yet taken down. So if you have bookmarked the old ones, please update your bookmarks. The main user help page has been updated though.

For Oracc project creators

A one-page starting point for all editors and project managers, with links to all the relevant new documentation. You may not need all of this if you don't run a whole project single-handedly; just stop reading when it no longer seems relevant.

Not much has changed in fact, especially for text editing. You will find that lemmatisation is much improved; that you have much more control over individual languages, dialects and glossaries; and that projects rebuild much faster than they did before.

If your project has not yet been migrated it will be soon. We will email you when we are ready for your input. As the new system is much more rigorous than the old one, you will almost certainly have to spend some time error-checking and bug-fixing before you can continue routine work. Be prepared! Remember too that you will need to think of a new password.

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