Monday 13 September 2010

CAMS is changing

Over the weekend, the structure of the Corpus of Ancient Mesopotamian Scholarship changed, in order to make way for new CAMS subprojects. This affects you if your non-CAMS project uses the CAMS glossaries as its lemmatisation base, and/or if you proxy texts from CAMS. In both cases, you will need to edit your 00lib/config.xml file.
1. To update your proxies, change <proxies>cams</proxies> to <proxies>cams/gkab</proxies>
2. To update your base glossary, change <option name="lem-system" value="cams"/> to <option name="lem-system" value="cams/gkab"/>
Have a look at the Oracc project configuration documentation for more information, and do ask for help if you need to.