Friday 6 July 2012

Updated documentation

Over the past week or so I've had a jolly time checking that all the Oracc documentation is up-to-date and reflects current practice, and that all the links work. I won't list every tiny change here, but would like to draw your attention to a few points in particular:

All users: Citing Oracc URLs online and in print
Oracc 2 makes systematic use of stable URIs, so that you can be confident that print references and online links will remain valid. That means, though, that some details of the instructions on how to cite Oracc pages and resources have changed.
Mostly for editors and managers: Oracc language codes
If you have already read my overview of how the new lemmatiser works, you'll know that now you always need to specify Akkadian dialects (unless you are producing ATF for CDLI) and that glossary merges must now always specify the language. I've also worked those changes systematically through the documentation.
For editors and project managers: builder documentation
Editors and project managers will also notice that I have rearranged the list of builder documentation. It's still all there as before but now, I hope, in a more logical order.
For project managers: glossary management
I have incorporated the L2 updates into the sections on glossaries in the pages on project management with Unix and project management with Emacs (and written it into the rest of the documentation).
For project managers: The Oracc Command
This page has been reorganised and updated, so that it is easier to find help on the commands you most need for everyday project management work.

And you'll now find a Documentation full text search at the top of every documentation page.

If you notice anything wrong, broken, missing, or just plain confusing, please let me know, either in the comments or by email. The documentation is for you, the users and project creators, so please tell me if (and how) it isn't serving your needs.

ATF on Emacs

(For editors and project managers)

We still need to do a little work on updating Emacs ATF mode for Oracc 2. Until that happens, here is a list of what is and isn't working, and how to work around the latter.

ATF menu

Available when you have a .atf file open.

Check ATF
Lemmatise Buffer
Create Template
ATF Mode help
All working as usual.
Harvest Notices
Count Lemmata
Not working at the moment but neither is essential to the editing process.
Browse ATF docs
Links to a dead page. Go to the Builder Pages instead.

CBD menu

Corpus-based dictionary menu for project managers; vailable when you have a .glo file open.

Check CBD
Lemmer Update
Not working at the moment; you should manage glossaries through Unix instead
Project Maintenance Mode
CBD Mode help
Working as usual
Browse CBD docs
Links to a dead page. Go to the Manager Pages instead.

ORACC menu

For project managers; accessible from the Project Maintenance Mode item on the CBD menu.

Check Project
Merge Glossaries
Not working at the moment; you should manage projects through Unix instead—and note that the merge command now needs to specify the language
Harvest Glossary
Working as usual
Rebuild Project
Working but no longer recommended; use ncr or nor in Unix instead

Please do let me know if you have any problems or questions.