Monday 9 April 2018

Planning for Oracc projects

Are you planning to apply for large-scale funding to work on an Oracc-related project?

If so, please consult the Oracc Steering Committee (OSC) as early as possible in the process ( We’ve recently seen some big and exciting project proposals rejected because they didn’t meet the funding body’s technical expectations.

We can help you maximise your chances of funding success by helping you to:

  • develop your proposal in line with the latest appropriate methods and theories in digital humanities;
  • write a convincing technical plan
  • construct a realistic timetable for staff training, data input, and/or data extraction and analysis;
  • review whether Oracc has the resources and functionalities that your project needs or needs to be developed further;
  • plan and budget for time for a member of the Oracc Steering Committee and/or the RITS programming team at UCL to work on your project;
  • develop an appropriate set of outputs, outreach and dissemination strategies.

If you need to work on Oracc without funding, or on a shoe-string budget, as many colleagues do, go ahead and get in touch with us too, at We are fundamentally committed to offering free support and resources to everyone who needs them.